Diann Martin

Diann Martin

Diann L. Martin, RN, PhD, is the CEO and Founder of Roadscholars RN based out of Wilmette, Illinois. Diann has been a practicing nurse for over 40 years, with a great passion and skill in nursing education and consulting. Diann transformed her expertise into her company; which provides consulting, development, and staffing to colleges and universities around the US. Through her extensive networking and great mentors, Diann offers a new format for concepts that offer innovative ideas to healthcare students. In her spare time, Diann also speaks around the nation on nursing education, quality and safe nursing, and active learning.

Proud Member of the International Nurses Association

We welcome Diann Martin to the ranks of The Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare as a result of their phenomenal effort in their field.

Upon acceptance into the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare, Diann Martin was awarded a certificate of recognition to commemorate their achievment.

Diann L. Martin, RN, PhD

Wilmette, Illinois
Roadscholars RN

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